Sticker page!!!

I really like stickers.

Not obsessively, but I do fancy myself a sticker enthusiast; I like collecting them, giving them away to people, hiding them in odd places and seeing the reactions of unsuspecting parties when there's a glittery holographic ladybug high up on the wall near where it meets the ceiling... Oddly enough I find it hard to get myself to use them outside of these instances because it somehow always feels like a waste even if I have a dozen of the same exact sticker on-hand.

But anyways! Not everything I've ever wanted to be a sticker is a sticker, or, at least not one that I have readily available to me, which is where this page comes in. Here I'll host lots of little drawings, each (usually) under 100x100 in size, some quite possibly even smaller, that I either think would make for a nice sticker design, or maybe I just felt like making a little doodle. At any rate, there's gonna be a bunch of tiny drawings, and this is my method of showing off and disseminating them. So, if you see this, take a look around, perhaps save some and use them elsewhere if you want... do whatever; I can't really stop you. (But I can encourage you: do it, I triple dog dare you).